Rail Trail Extension Project

Click Here to View Map -  Route_Map.PDF

Click Here to View Map - Route_Map.PDF

The Shippensburg Community Parks and Recreation Authority (SCPRA) received a grant through Capital Resource Conservation & Development (Capital RC&D) to study the feasibility of extending the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail into Franklin County. A Study Committee made up of SCPRA members, municipal representatives, land owners and interested parties worked with Rettew Associates to explore the possibility of extending the existing Rail Trail from Shippensburg Station to a proposed trailhead at Orrstown Road (Phase 1). The study scope also looked across the rail road track to allow connectivity to Memorial Park, Shippensburg Middle School, High School and Volvo (Phase 2).

A general mapping of the study was performed, adjacent land owners were met with, boundaries and limitations were identified. The Concept Map is the result of months of research and discussion with interested parties. A variant of this trail appears to be entirely feasible; however, this map is conceptual only and actual route may alter during the Design Phase. 

We would love to hear your feedback on the project. Please let us know your thoughts by filling out the form below. We look forward to working with the community and building something great together!

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