Shippensburg Youth Greyhounds- Football & Cheer Committee


The Shippensburg Community Parks and Recreation Authority is seeking energetic volunteers to serve on the Shippensburg Youth Greyhounds- Football and Cheer Committee. We are looking for volunteers to fill the roles of Chairperson, Vice-person, Football Chairperson, Cheer Chairperson, Fundraising Chair, and Secretary. Letters of interest should be submitted by mail or email to: 

677 Orrstown Road
Shippensburg, PA 17257

Please direct any questions to Tyler Fairchild, SCPRA Director. 

Description of Committee Positions: 

Objective of Committee: 
The purpose of this Committee will be to provide an opportunity for the youth of the area to engage in an organized football and cheer program; enjoy a safe, healthy and pleasant experience in an organized athletic program; to receive instruction in sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership

The Chairperson Will:

  1. Supervise all committee members; preside at all meetings of the committee.
  2. Set an agenda in advance of each meeting and see that each committee member receives this agenda.
  3. Ensure that the provisions of the Committee Bylaws, SCPRA Bylaws, and the CFA Bylaws are adhered to at all times. 4. Attend All CFA meetings.  
  4. Submit reports to the SCPRA Board of Administration and meet Quarterly with the SCPRA Board of Administration.  
  5. Make recommendations to improve the Shippensburg Youth Greyhounds Football and Cheer program.

The Vice Chairperson Will:

  1. Assume such duties and accept such responsibility in managing the affairs of the Committee as the Chair may assign.
  2. Assume the duties and responsibilities of the Chair in his/her absence or disability.
  3. Make recommendations to improve the Shippensburg Youth Greyhounds Football and Cheer program.
  4. Attend league meetings in the absent of the Chairperson.
  5. Will appoint clock operator, announcer, spotters, weigh masters and chain gang. 
  6. Contact and arrange EMS services for games and scrimmages.

The Secretary Will:

  1. Conduct official correspondence on behalf of the Committee.
  2. Assist other committee members in letters and communications.
  3. Record the minutes of each meeting of the committee.
  4. Distribute copies of all meeting minutes at the beginning of the following month’s committee minutes for approval.  
  5. Assume the duties and responsibilities of the Chair and Vice Chair in their absence

The Football Chairperson Will:

  1. Prior to the beginning of the season, select the proposed candidates for head coaches where an open position exists for the teams and present their names and qualifications to the committee for approval. 
  2. Be able to coach a team upon committee approval.
  3. Teach the skills and techniques of the game of football to the coaches, assistant coaches and players of the programs.
  4. Ensure that the basic fundamentals are being taught at all levels.
  5. Ensure that the coaching staff is aware of and abides by the purposes, rules, coaching ethics, and sportsmanship standards of this committee, SCPRA, and CFA.
  6. Serve as the liaison between the coaching staff, committee, parents, SCPRA, and any other interested parties.
  7. Conduct periodic meetings with all head coaches to discuss the program, explain the By-Laws of the Committee, SCPRA, and CFA. All coaches must understand their responsibilities and rights where all matters are concerned within the player and coaches program.
  8. Assist or direct in the scrimmage and/or exhibition game process.
  9. Ensure all coaches are certified in accordance with the CFA.
  10. In charge of and ensure the completion of the initial Criminal and Child Abuse checks on all coaches and committee members.
  11. Ensure that there are a sufficient number of coaches for each squad. The total number of coaches for each squad shall be at the discretion of the head coach.

The Cheer Chairperson Will: 

  1.  Prior to the beginning of the season, select the proposed candidates for coaches for the squads and present their names and qualifications to the Chairperson for approval and work with the appointed coaches to find candidates for assistant coaches and present their names to the Committee for approval.
  2. Be in charge of all cheerleaders and coaches.
  3. Ensure that the cheerleading staff and cheerleaders are aware of and abide by the purposes, rules and sportsmanship standards of the program.
  4. Be responsible for issue, care and return of all cheerleading equipment.
  5. Conduct periodic meetings with the coaches to discuss the cheerleading program.
  6. Be able to coach with Committee approval.  
  7. In charge of and ensure the completion of the Criminal and Child Abuse checks on all coaches.
  8. Ensure all coaches are certified appropriately.
  9. Coordinate a cheerleading practice.
  10. Prepare all materials for distribution and discussion at orientation.
  11. Coordinate practice schedules throughout the season and notify the Committee of any changes. 
  12. Cancel practices or participation at games due to inclement weather.
  13. Coordinate the communication of the concession schedule to all parents and/or guardians of cheerleaders and facilitate making sure all parents sign up and fulfill their commitment.
  14. Be responsible for the selection and ordering of sneakers, bloomers and other accessories.

The Fundraising Chairperson Will:

  1. Will be responsible for fundraising activities, as well as clothing sales, to support the program. Suggestions for fundraising will be presented to the committee for approval.
  2. Organize, introduce and discuss all materials for distribution at Orientation regarding fundraising obligations for the entire season.
  3. Oversee all fundraising sales collection, double check orders and payments and coordinate orders and deliveries with the appropriate companies. 
  4. Forward all collected money to the SCPRA Director in a timely manner for processing.
  5. Submit a financial report to the committee once each fundraiser is complete.
  6. Notify SCPRA Director and Parents of those owing any nonparticipating or participating fundraising fees.
  7. Coordinate donations to be utilized exclusively for the support of the program, such as, season and event sponsors.