Learn more about Dykeman Park!

Dykeman Park is a 56 acre area surrounding historic Dykeman Springs. It is a preserved open space and Dykeman Springs is on the National Register of Historic places.  Dykeman Springs were originally called Indian Head Springs for the Delaware Indians that were living there in 1730. Dykeman Springs is surrounded by Dykeman Park, which is open from dawn until dusk. The park includes several trails (with benches): The Dykeman Walking Trail, The Dykeman Park Meadow Trail, The Dykeman Park Upland Trail as well as two ponds, several picnic tables and Dykeman Baseball Field.

Civil War Significance: The Confederate troops, numbering 20,000, set up an encampment here on June 25, 1863. A few days later the troops were sent to Gettysburg and by July 4th, 1863 close to half the men were killed, wounded or missing. 

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