The 4 Seasons @ Dykeman Springs Park and Trails

Join SCPRA each season of the year to explore and experience the beauty of nature in our community.

Dykeman Park is a 56 acre area surrounding historic Dykeman Springs. Many people know it simply as "the duck pond". It is a preserved open space and Dykeman Springs is on the National Register of Historic places.  Dykeman Springs were originally called Indian Head Springs for the Delaware Indians that were living there in 1730. Dykeman Springs is surrounded by Dykeman Park, which is open from dawn until dusk. The park includes several trails (with benches): The Dykeman Walking Trail, The Dykeman Park Meadow Trail, The Dykeman Park Upland Trail as well as two ponds, several picnic tables and Dykeman Baseball Field.

Dates for Autumn 2017 - Summer 2018

Sat. Oct 21 - Autumn Trail Walk 9 am

Sat. Jan. 20 - Winter Walk & Bird Feeder Project 9 am

Sat. April 21 - Spring Duck Pond/Watershed Ed 9 am

Sat. July 21 - Summer Wildflower Walk 9 am

More details will be available prior to each event.  Pre-registration and fees may be required to cover any needed materials.

The events are being coordinated and led by a PA Master Naturalist Volunteer Trainee.

As always, you can contact us in the office at 717-530-0261 or email: