Shippensburg T-Ball Program

Ages 4 to 6
Age as of May 26, 2017.
If player is age 4/6 on May 26 the player is eligible.
If player is 3/7 on May 26 the player is ineligible. 

T-Ball offers players the opportunity to learn, develop, and practice fundamental skills of hitting, throwing, fielding, and running. The games are held on a small diamond and players use a special "soft" official ball. In this program, players will hit from a stationary tee. Coaches are on the field to help players and instruct proper technique and procedure.  All players will bat each inning and take the field. Games are 4 innings or 60 minutes max, whichever comes first, this keeps the games moving along so the players do not lose interest. Our number one goal is for everyone to have fun!

Games and Training Camp will be held at Memorial Park. Games are tentatively scheduled to take place on Tuesday and Thursday nights, however this may change depending on number of teams. All games will start at 6:00 pm. The season will come to an end with a Closing Ceremony, followed by the final two games of the season. Once the games have ended, the Memorial Pool will be open for FREE to the T-ball player and immediate family.

2017 Tentative Season Schedule:
March 1 - Registration Opens
May, 26 - Registration Closes
June 26, 27, 28 - Training Camp
July 5th - Start of Season
August 19th   - Closing Ceremony

Registration Fee:
$30.00 per participants
(Multiple participant discount $10.00 off your total)
*Team bats, helmets, official ball, shirts, and hats are provided but players must have their own glove. Their own batting helmet is encouraged but not necessary. 

This program is made possible by parent volunteers as coaches and team moms. Without the help of parents this program would not be possible. If you have coached or would like to coach, let us know during registration. In the meantime, take a look at our Standing Rules and Coaches Guide. The Coaches Guide is filled with information and tips on what to coach.