Branch Creek Children's Park

Branch Creek Park is our newly renovated park located between the Borough of Shippensburg Office and the Shippensburg Senior Center. The park includes playground equipment, a gazebo, and a walking path. Our newest project that has just been completed.... sand diggers and fresh sand, a favorite of children of all ages!

A special dedication ceremony was held on Tuesday, August 23, 2016.

Dentler Village Park

Dentler Park is located at 25 Mount Rock Road, Shippensburg. It is a two acre park that includes a baseball field, basketball court, volleyball court, four horseshoe pits, grills, a large playground apparatus with climbing walls, swings and slides.

The park is available to reserve by the day.
Reserve Dentler Park.

Dykeman Park

 Dykeman Hatch House

Dykeman Hatch House

Dykeman Park is a 56 acre area surrounding historic Dykeman Springs. It is a preserved open space and Dykeman Springs is on the National Register of Historic places.  Dykeman Springs were originally called Indian Head Springs for the Delaware Indians that were living there in 1730. Dykeman Springs is surrounded by Dykeman Park, which is open from dawn until dusk. The park includes several trails (with benches): The Dykeman Walking Trail, The Dykeman Park Meadow Trail, The Dykeman Park Upland Trail as well as two ponds, several picnic tables and Dykeman Baseball Field.

Civil War Significance: The Confederate troops, numbering 20,000, set up an encampment here on June 25, 1863. A few days later the troops were sent to Gettysburg and by July 4th, 1863 close to half the men were killed, wounded or missing. 

Dykeman Trails

 Click on the map for a pdf!

Click on the map for a pdf!

 Click on the photo above for a pdf!

Click on the photo above for a pdf!

Dykeman Pond and Ducks

 A mother duck and her ducklings.

A mother duck and her ducklings.

As delightful as it can be for children to throw crumbs of bread to ducks on the pond, the word is out that feeding ducks and other wild birds can damage their health and their habitat.

Here is some practical information to help parents and children understand that they can best protect and enjoy the ducks and geese by letting them seek their own food. This also helps the pond,

Some of the benefits of refraining from feeding the waterfowl include the following:   

  •         The waterfowl stay healthy by eating a varied diet
  •         It prevents overcrowding and aggression among the waterfowl
  •         Young fowl are protected from predators attracted to human food
  •         The pond stays cleaner

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Shippensburg Memorial Park


Shippensburg Memorial Park was dedicated September 4, 1950 as a memorial to Shippensburg area war veterans. Bronze tablets at the entrance contain the names of World War II, Korean, and Vietnam War veterans. The park covers twenty acres and includes six baseball and softball fields, soccer field, two basketball courts, four tennis and pickle ball courts, sand volleyball court, public swimming pool, playground equipment and three pavilions available to reserve on weekdays, weekends, and holidays.

Reserve a pavilion.

  Lion's Club Pavilion  $85 Weekends, $50 Weekdays

Lion's Club Pavilion
$85 Weekends, $50 Weekdays

  Memorial Pavilion  $75 Weekends, $40 Weekdays

Memorial Pavilion
$75 Weekends, $40 Weekdays

  Park Place Pavilion  $55 Weekends, $25 Weekdays

Park Place Pavilion
$55 Weekends, $25 Weekdays

Veteran's Stadium

Memorial Park is also home to Veterans Stadium. Veterans Stadium is a lighted multi use outdoor facility. Yearly events at Veterans stadium include CV Hitmen Semi-Pro FootballSAAA Stars and Orioles Baseball, Legion Baseball SASD Football and SoccerShippensburg Suburban BaseballShippensburg Youth Football and CheerSASD Community Night, 4th of July Fireworks Display, Fall Fest, and more events to come!

Check out some of the recent renovations at the stadium.


The Peace Garden at Memorial Park

A beautiful part of Memorial Park,the Peace Garden is located just off the small parking lot at the front of the park.  Created by Pauline (Polly) Underwood, and further developed and enhanced by Jill Hudock, as a pocket of beauty and tranquility, the Peace Garden is a lovely, quiet spot to explore and refresh. Created and dedicated in the 1990's, the Peace Garden is maintained by dedicated volunteers.

A History of the Peace Garden

(Adapted from a tour presented by Jill Hudock, chief volunteer and gardener of the Peace Garden)
 Polly Underwood

Polly Underwood

The Peace Garden was an inspired thought of the late Polly Underwood. She was a strong peace advocate looking for a tangible way to express her ideals. Polly's husband, Roy, was an avid gardener and to honor him and incorporate her passion, the Peace Garden was born.

In 1991, Polly recruited friends to make her dream a reality. New to gardening at the age of 73, Polly wisely included 2 Franklin County Master Gardeners. Shippensburg Borough donated a space next to Veteran's Stadium in Memorial Park for the garden. A designer from Harrisburg was hired to create a basic plan and he designed the guitar shaped path enclosing four trees and a Peace Pole.

Jill Hudock joined the Peace Garden group in 1999, the garden at that time is pictured to the left.  A few months and a $10,000 grant later, the space really began to look like a developed garden (also pictured at left). And the bottom photo is the garden at present.

After the original wooden Peace pole deteriorated, it was replaced with one designed by Jill that incorporates a dove that was formerly part of a weather vane and was given as a memorial donation. "May Peace Prevail on Earth" is the standard sentiment universal to all peace poles. The words are engraved in English, Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese on the sides of the new pole.

Sculpture in the garden is kept simple to let the beauty of the plants and trees standout.  

The garden is used for photos and events. Prom pictures and senior portraits are common. Photographers enjoy capturing the latest flora and there have been marriage proposals and weddings in the garden.

In  2011, the garden won the PA Horticulture Society Award for Outstanding Public Planting that improves the quality of life through horticulture. 

In spring, three cherry trees: Weeping, Kwansen and Mt. Fuji fill the garden with color along with the fragrant viburnum.

Bringing color throughout the summer are the Peace Rose, Beauty Berry, Clematis Niobe, Double Lilac Rose of Sharon and chrysanthemums.  The Lions Club and Rotary Club help with the black mulch which is picture perfect.

Fall is another beautiful time in the garden. The fiery colors and fragrance of the trees and plants as they prepare for winter is quite a contrast to the soothing greens, pinks and purples of spring and summer.

One fall day, as we were raking, a mother who had brought her children along to help, said to me, "One of the reasons we chose to move our family to Shippensburg was because of this garden. We wanted to live in a community that cares enough to a have a place like this." - Jill Hudock

As the final season settles in, the Peace Garden is still a pleasant place.  Snow highlights every feature, the benches are still welcoming, the bridge still beckons.

"We must be the change we wish to see in the world." Polly Underwood understood that. She bravely started a new chapter in her life creating a place that has affected many people. In 2011, Polly passed away at 92 years of age. Polly gave Jill the opportunity to design the garden and ended up giving her so much more.

Polly on the bridge.jpg
For years Polly kept asking me where we could put a bridge. That was the thing about Polly, she didn't easily give up on an idea!  But a bridge? Without a stream or gully to cross, it made little sense, especially if you're a practical thinker. However, Polly wasn't concerned about practicality. She was a visionary. I bought this bridge as a surprise 88th birthday present for her. And she was right. The bridge was a good idea. To bridge misunderstandings in the pursuit of peace was her legacy. To cross over from a tough day to a better one, that was her plan. And to remind everyone that yes, indeed, we must be the change we wish to see in the world.  - Jill Hudock
 Polly Underwood and Jill Hudock

Polly Underwood and Jill Hudock

Donations to the Peace Garden can be submitted to Shippensburg Community Parks and Recreation Authority.  Checks should be made to SCPRA and be clearly marked "Peace Garden".

If you would like to volunteer your time and energy to help with the maintenance of this beautiful garden, please contact the SCPRA office 717-530-0261.  Thank you!

 The King Street Gazebo

The King Street Gazebo

King Street Gazebo

Located on West King Street, Shippensburg.

Cressler Park

Located on Orange Street, Shippensburg.

Hamilton Park

Located on Roxbury Road, Shippensburg.

Cressler Park and Hamilton Park are undeveloped green space at this time.