Valley Views Hiking Challenge

The Valley Views Hiking Challenge consists of three hikes in the greater Shippensburg Area (Cumberland and Franklin Counties) that feature phenomenal views.  (Hikes are all roughly within 25 miles of Shippensburg.) Upon successfully completing the three hikes, an individual may submit a completed registration form with fee and be registered with a hiking number and receive a patch.

As the name implies, these are challenging hikes and are geared towards physically fit hikers of all ages. Details for each are on The Three Hikes page. 

2018 CHALLENGE round OPENS march 1, 2018 - SEE THE register PAGE FOR OFFICIAL DETAILS

This Website/SCPRA does not guarantee the trail information provided is 100% correct and cannot guarantee your safety on the trail. You hike at your own risk and no one from this website or SCPRA is liable for any property loss or damage, personal injury, or any unfortunate death that may result from accessing or hiking any trails described on this website.